Breeding « L’Orée du Bois », Feuchy, France

The farm “Orée du Bois” manages a breeding of rabbits since 2008 in the region of Hauts-de-France. It has 900m2 premises, which accommodate 800 adult rabbits in two buildings where births alternate with fattening of 4000 to 5000 young rabbits.

In summer, rabbits used to overheat and in winter the premises were poorly ventilated, in order to maintain calories inside, especially for litters.

The project started with a study of the thermal needs of the farm. Today, the recovered thermal power is in total of 80kW, ie practically 2MWh per day! In every building, the stale air is extracted to renew the air twice an hour, in order to suppress odors and guarantee the animals a good respiratory comfort.

Two TERRAOAGRI modules were designed to recover the calories in the stale air of the rabbits and redistribute them towards other heating uses in the farm

Client: Breeding "L'Orée du Bois"
Date: juin 26, 2017