Florimond Desprez Greenhouses, Cappelle en Pévèle, France

The company FLORIMOND DESPREZ in Cappelle en Pévèle (59) operates greenhouses used for research and development of plants.This activity imposes draconian conditions on air treatment.

The TERRAOTHERM solution has been selected to provide atmosphere and air quality that are customized, whatever the characteristics of the incoming air.

The installation of the TERRAOTHERM tempered ventilation units made the customer’s objectives possible :
• With only one system, TERRAOTHERM captures the moisture resulting from hydroponics culture and maintains the humidity rate at 65%. The air temperature is adjusted to 15 ° C by the integrated heat pump.
• In order to provide the most perfect air quality possible, the installation extracts 25 times the volume of the greenhouse every hour. Washed by the water circulating in the TERRAO exchanger, the air comes free of any parasite or spore.
• Ventilation is arriving from the bottom and gently so as not to damage the plants.

Date: juin 26, 2016